CUSTOMIZED INTERCONNECT SOLUTIONS- IC Sockets and Adapters for BGA, PGA, SIP, DIP, QFP, PLCC and SOIC, Flip-TopT BGA Sockets, Peel-A-Way® Removable Terminal Carriers, B2B® and Mezza-pede® SMT Connectors; all featuring screw-machined terminals for both thru-hole and SMT applications.
ELECTRONIC HARDWARE- Binding Posts, Spacers, Standoffs, Connectors, Test Leads and Patch Cables, Handles, Posts, Plugs, Jacks and Customer Designed Custom Hardware.
DISPLAYS – TFT, Custom LCD, Touch Screen, Optical Bonding, Drivers.
DIN RAIL TERMINAL BLOCKS- Push Button, Screw Connection, Clamp Connection, High Current blocks, High Current Stud terminals.
ELECTRONIC CONNECTIONS – Function Relays, Transfer Modules, Overvoltage Protection, Transducer Modules, Relay Sockets, Opto Coupler UL & CSA.
CABLE MANAGEMENT- Cable Entry Systems, Glands, Flange Plates.
TERMINAL BLOCKS- Euro PCB Mount, Male / Female Pluggable, Barrier and Tri-Barrier Styles, Dual Row up to 9/16″ Spacing. Din Rail, Relay Sockets and Custom Terminal Blocks. UL & CSA.
POWER LINE FILTERS- Single and Three Phase AC and DC RFI Power Line Filters including Power Entry Modules, General Purpose, High Performance, Medical and Wide Band Versions. UL, CSA, CE & TUV.
FILM CAPACITORS – Polypropylene, Polyester, PPS and Polystyrene dielectrics including IGBT snubbers, RC Networks, High Voltage, IGBT Snubbers, Feed-Thru, Pulse and High Current Applications.
FANS AND BLOWERS – AC Fans, DC Fans, DC Axial Fans, DC Centrifugal Blowers, High Pressure Fans, Silent Fans
MOTORS – Brushless DC Motors, Stepper Motors, PMDC Motors, AC Motors, Encoders, Gearboxes
Circuit Protection / Power Management – Circuit Breakers, Thermal and Magnetic & Hydraulic-Magnetic, Electronic Overcurrent, Relays & SSR’s, PowerPlex Digital Switching Systems, Din Rail, Rack Mount, Custom Power Management System Design Services, Automotive, Medical, Industrial, Marine, Telcom, Mil Applications.
CONNECTORS – Floating Connectors, Automotive Connectors, High Speed Connectors USB, HDMI, SATA, D-Sub, Wafer, FPC, Modular-Jack, Header, B2B, Cable Assembly.
CUSTOM MANUFACTURER – Nameplates, Overlays, Membrane Switches, PCB Assemblies and Contract Mfg. ISO 9001:2015, ISO 13485:2016  , ITAR Registered.
Magnetics – Transformers, Inductors, Coils, Chokes, Surface Mount, Signal, High Current, Lan Transformers, High Frequency, Linear, Planar, Custom designs for EV Chargers.
POWER CORDS – UL, CSA, VDE and all Worldwide agency approvals. Manufacturing in Mexico, Taiwan, China and the United States. Standards & Custom.
Solid State Relays – PCB, Panel & Din Rail Mount SSR, Industrial Modules, Motor Reversing Modules, Voltage Regulators.
Electrolytic Capacitators- E-Cap ( SAMXON ), EDLC Cap ( ANGA POW ), Polymer Cap ( X-CON ), MLPC ( XLPC ), Power Film ( SAMXON ), Module (ANGA POW )
Micro / Nano-Miniature Connectors and Cable Assemblies- Perfect for high speed data transmission, reduced weight and size, higher contact densities and high reliability interconnections are a necessity. Product Markets: Commercial, Military, Medical, Space Electronics, Geophysical Exploration, Down-Hole Services Defense, Aerospace, Avionics, Communication Electronics.
STANDARD & CUSTOM CASES – Transit Cases, Equipment Cases, Sample/Demo Cases, Reusable Shipping Cases, Tool Cases and Bags. Broad selection of stock cases for immediate delivery and complete in-house custom capabilities such as custom case design, custom water-jet cut foam inserts, custom tool pallets and custom embroidery.

Power Solutions –
 Power Supplies, Power Conditioning, Surge Protection & Active Tracking Filtering, Transformers, UPS Power Supplies.
Power Supplies- Switching Power Supplies, Standard and Custom Designs, D/C Converters, EMI/RFI Filters.

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